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About the author


I'm Joe France

Have you ever wanted to become a writer?

I had that dream from a young age, but I believed I needed to make money first. So I spent 20 years as an online tech entrepreneur, with many ups and downs. 

One day I realized I wasn't getting closer to what I really wanted to do, and I made a dramatic change to my life. I started writing again - and I haven't stopped since.


My mission is to help entrepreneurs capture their inspiring stories in books and online posts to help market themselves and achieve their goals. 

My vision is 100 Great Entrepreneurial Stories - let me know if you are interested in writing yours!

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I've known Joe for 20 years and have seen first-hand how good he is at finding a way to get things done. His ideas are original and the plan he lays out in this book will help anyone trying to start an online business today

Tiwa York

As an online business neophyte, this book provides a terrific and comprehensive guide to how to get started from the writer who has done the hard yards for us. He speaks from experience from his former and current work life. I can't recommend this book highly enough and it has inspired me to pursue my online dreams as well. Two thumbs up!

Stephen Meng Yee

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