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How Do Successful Coaches and Consultants Do It?

I'm going to take a wild guess here - you probably don't love selling. Hardly anyone does. Let's face it, most of us are not natural-born salespeople.

You love your coaching business, or you're a consultant who helps people achieve their goals and wildest dreams - but selling your service is hard. Especially closing. You know that "winners are always closing" but it is so hard to convince people to pay for your service, and you often end up giving advice for free.

The worst part is that you know your service will help the very people who are saying "let me think about it", and "I need to ask my partner". You know you could turn them around and get them being successful, if only they would take the leap with you. You resign yourself to grinding away, earning less income than you deserve, saying to yourself next time.

What if there was a way to get people so excited that they actually ask you how much your service is. And get their credit card ready, surprised that you are not charging more. Imagine if you could close so many new clients that you are profitable beyond your wildest dreams? What would you do with the time and the confidence that would bring?

You can do that without changing your service at all. And without becoming the "Sell-anything-to-anyone" kind of salesperson that you don't want to become.

I know because I had the same questions when I started out. I didn't have the confidence to sell a "big ticket" service. I covered up by working a bit more on my service offering, and worked hard on small ticket items, hoping that I would get enough followers

Luckily, I survived and got help from some great people along the way. I learned that if you set your sales "funnel" up properly, you don't need to work so hard on "closing" people - they already want what you have. You should sell your service for a high ticket price, and people do need your help.

I set up this blog to help talented coaches and consultants just like to to build better sales funnels and book more sales - so you can earn the money you deserve.

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The Independent Entrepreneur

Joe France


Joe has been working as an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, beginning with a tech startup in Tokyo in 1999. After the initial Dotcom crashed, Joe discovered the world of online advertising and digital marketing. Diving headfirst into the new tech bubble he was part of more than two dozen startups, helping to raise more than $14 million in investment. Three of the companies exited through trade sales, including an ad network to the recently listed Pubmatic (PUBM, Nasdaq). He was an early employee for Taboola in Asia launching markets like Japan and Australia. 

A few years ago, Joe swapped technology to follow his passion for writing. He published and Amazon best-selling book for entrepreneurs and 

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