Small Business Owners Need Social Media More Than Ever

Why it's not too late to make a first impression online.

September 1, 2022

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Most independent business owners think that it's too late to get in to social media.

Since the 1990s, when the Internet became part of our daily lives the popular belief has been that you "need to get in early". If you missed out on Facebook, you need to get in at the ground-floor of Instagram. Or Pinterest. And now TikTok.

Popular wisdom says that if you're not an early adopter, you've missed the opportunity. As a result, many people give up before they even start.

Small business owners believe there's no point spending time promoting themselves online:

  • "There is already too much content out there"
  • "My posts will never be seen"
  • "Facebook is in decline, and I don't get TikTok"

Actually, there's never been a better time to publish content online than right now.

There is almost no cost to publishing high-quality content, and the tech makes it easier now than ever.

The major social platforms have over one billion users: less than 1% of those users are creating content to promote themselves.

And the technology is getting better than ever at pushing out content to users based on their own niche interests.

Over the last 12 months one of my clients has grown his Instagram account from 5,000 followers to 19,000. All while TikTok was supposedly taking over the digital world.

The imact on his business as a potter? He now has an online course, to complement his weekend workshops in a physical studio. A life-changing evolution for an independent business owner.

Don't follow what you read about online. Learn by doing it yourself.

In 90 days you can build your own content platform to promote your story and your ideas. A platform which will win you new clients and sales.

This how to start:

Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you start

As soon as you change your assumption that it's too late to start, you will begin to see new opportunities.

You may see someone you know or someone else in your field posting frequently. You will start to notice influencers with content that is trending.

When you take the next step of putting pen to paper, you'll be forced to think about what problem your business is really solving. And what you can offer to your target audience.

There are so many benefits when you begin to promote your story. You will see what you do in a different light, from the perspective of your target audience. You will get to engage with new people and learn new things. You may even be able to help others, which comes with its own rewards.

The best way to learn online is by doing - so start now.

The Worldwide Web has evolved dramatically in the last 5 years. There is no better time than now to start using a primary platform to tell potential customers about what you're doing.

Rather than being saturated with content, there are more users looking for information. Social media is not all about selfies and photos of food. These platforms, powered with machine-learning algorithms are the first places we go tp research and discover new information.

As an independent business owner take advantage of this free technology to promote your story and find new customers online in the process.

About the author 

Joe France

Became a millionaire, lost it all, and then became a millionaire again. Writer on a mission to help 1000s become independent through financial freedom.

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