Write Your Own Non-Fiction Bestseller

Sometimes all you need is a roadmap with clear steps of how to do something. Writing your own book can be like that.

Our Non-fiction Book Coaching course covers:

  1. Choosing your topic - so that it will give maximum benefit to your business
  2. Cover and title - probably the most critical part of your book's success
  3. Choosing a framework: structure is incredibly important for non-fiction books
  4. Content - what to write and more importantly what can be left out
  5. Style - helping you to find your voice and your message
  6. Editing, proofreading - choosing resources for your unique needs
  7. Creating all the sections of the book, including Table of Contents
  8. Adding calls-to-action to get maximum benefit
  9. Publishing your manuscript in the right format for your needs
  10. Strategy on deploying the book in your own unique sales funnels  


  • Writing and producing the book will cost less
  • You will learn a lot about writing - and yourself
  • The finished product will be uniquely you
  • You will have a formula to go on and write more


  • You will have to invest a lot of time writing
  • There is a steep learning curve and a lot to process
  • You may be distracted from your core business
  • There is a chance you won't finish the book...


Writing a book is a goal hundreds of thousands of people have, but the reality is very few actually do it. Our Book Coaching course is designed to save you weeks and months of learning lessons. It is designed specifically for the type of non-fiction book coaches and consultants need to write. It will give you the very best chance of achieving what is for many an unattainable dream.

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