Book Marketing Services

Many coaches and consultants are using their unique book to market their online businesses and grow their customer lists. Our book marketing service helps you make the most of a book in your sales funnel. We help you to create a strategy to use a book for:

  • "Trip-wire" sales funnel
  • "Lead Magnet"
  • "Down sale"
  • Add-on/Bonus

And sometimes, you can use a book in the good old-fashioned delivering a hard copy to that prospect you are hoping to win over. Platforms like Kindle book publishing make it easy to  produce paperback copies with print-on-demand - the ultimate business card to send a prospective customer.

The usefulness of a book in your sales funnel never ends - the ROI is incredible and is evergreen for years and years - when it's done right!

Print on Demand

Imagine being able to send your prospective client a gift-wrapped paperback copy of your skillfully crafted book, highlighting your unique ideas and the value you create. Print-on-demand platforms like Kindle Publishing Platform (KDP) make this as simple as click and purchase. No need to order dozens or even hundreds of copies in advance.

Kindle Publishing Platform

Kindle Publishing Platform is the ultimate marketplace to promote a book and grow readers. With over 2 Billion monthly users, Amazon is able to deliver millions of users to your book. But with more than 8 million e-books in the marketplace, it is hard to make your book stand out. We can do it for you, from creating the format, uploading and publishing.

Bestseller Promotion

Amazon store is built on incredible machine learning algorithms. There are ways to promote your book which attract the algorithms to rank it higher, in much the same way as you can optimize web content for Google Search. We start with keywords, categories and use external marketing services like newsletters to Facebook ad promotions to drive sales.

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