Courses that Change the Game

Smartblogger - Freedom Machine

Jon Morrow and the team at Smartblogger are brilliant teachers. Freedom Machine is designed for people who want to create their own profitable blog. The course takes students from zero experience to earning the first $1,000 per month. How to write, what topic to write about, and how to build an independent business based on blogging. I have taken this course and it exceeded my expectations!

Dream Clients on Autopilot

Gundi Gabrielle is a Top 100 Business author on Amazon, achieving that status by self-publishing a series of book on Influencer Fast Track. Her course, Dream Clients on Autopilot, shows how new authors can write an Amazon Bestseller and create a series of books which become 6-figure passive income machines in 6-12 months.

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche

Alex and Lauren at Create and Go experienced phenomenal success with their business using Pinterest Marketing platform. Pinterest has one of the fastest growing global audiences - yet it is still largely untapped. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche is a detailed plan for massive audience growth for your blog, website or e-commerce channel.

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Content Marketing Certification

Jon Morrow is one of the most successful writers online. CMC is all about the new way to make six figures as a freelance writer, starting out making $200 a post scaling to $1000 per post or beyond. Graduating from CMC is one of the best ways to start your copywriting career.

Podcasters Paradise

John Lee Dumas has been podcasting since 2012 and is passionate about helping others to find their voice and share their message. A membership site for podcasters with every resource you could need on your podcasting journey. One of the very best sites you can find!

YouTube Video Creators

30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel. Tim Schmoyer has added 61 million YouTube subscribers to his clients' channels. His course shows how to build a highly engaged YouTube channel that gets more views and subscribers in only 30 days.

Stock Crash Course

Jeven Dovey started selling stock footage as a way to supplement his income from documentary film-making. His course teaches the steps you need to start earning income from any camera, event the one in your smartphone.

Message to Millions

Ted McGrath is a phenomenal story teller. He has a Broadway show about his own life story. To be a coach to millions you need to know your own story and be able to convince others. Message to Millions will help you to discover your story so you can build a profitable online audience.

Video Creators

A Virtual Assistant is really a small business. It is a big step to take and for many, knowing where to start is the hardest part. Gina Horkey's VA Course will take you from scratch to signing your first clients and beyond. It is the leading Virtual Assistant course on the web.

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